5monitor Reversing Camera System Rear View Kit For Excavator, Rv, Mining, Boat

5monitor Reversing Camera System Rear View Kit For Excavator, Rv, Mining, Boat
5monitor Reversing Camera System Rear View Kit For Excavator, Rv, Mining, Boat
5monitor Reversing Camera System Rear View Kit For Excavator, Rv, Mining, Boat
5monitor Reversing Camera System Rear View Kit For Excavator, Rv, Mining, Boat

5monitor Reversing Camera System Rear View Kit For Excavator, Rv, Mining, Boat
We offers Rear View Back up Camera System, Reversing Camera System, TFT LCD Monitor, Auto Shutter Camera and CCTV Camera for Car, Heavy Truck, Trailer, SUV, Farm Tractor, Forklift, Compactor Vehicle, Street Sweeper, Mobile Home, Passenger Bus and Mining Vehicle. We've been in this field since 1997 producing cctv cameras and car rear view camera systems. In 1999 we were the First factory producing infrared waterproof camera in China. Since then we served thousands of customers perfectly. We absolutely know we do not have the lowest price on the internet. All of the products are designed by ourselves, we choose the best materials from USA and Japan, we do not use any electrical components made in our China, because we need high quality material to ensure the stability of our products. We have professional engineers who have ten years' experience in this field. So we can help our clients to solve any fault in use. We are top quality, we passed following tests. Load dump means the disconnection of a powered load. It can cause 2 problems. Failure of supply to equipment or customers II.

Large voltage spikes from the inductive generator(s) In automotive electronics, it refers to the disconnection of the vehicle battery from the alternator while the battery is being charged. Due to such a disconnection of the battery, other loads connected to the alternator see a surge in power line.

The peak voltage of this surge may be as high as 120 V and the surge may take up to 400 ms to decay. The transient high voltage which ususally occurs in automotive will damage the rear view camera system, if the system has no protection circuit. Our monitor uses a special component inside to avoid the damage. The transient high voltage will never damage our monitor. Following shows the test procedure.

Connect power supply to DC input of load dump generator. Connect output of the load dump generator to component power supply lines.

Set DC supply so that DC voltage to the component is 13.8VDC measured at the component. Chassis of DUT shall be physically isolated from the ground plane, and the DC supply should be electrically grounded to the ground plane.

After test our monitor has no damage at all. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown. ESD can be caused by a buildup of static electricity by tribocharging, or by electrostatic induction. ESD includes spectacular electric sparks, but also less dramatic forms which may be neither seen nor heard, yet still be large enough to cause damage to sensitive electronic devices.

Electric sparks require a field strength above about 4 KV/cm in air, as notably occurs in lightning strikes. Other forms of ESD include corona discharge from sharp electrodes and brush discharge from blunt electrodes. The ESD will do harm to rear view camera system if there is no ESD protection circuit. When user operate and touch the monitor, the high electrostatic voltage of 2kv/4kv/5kv/6kv/8kv will discharge between the user and monitor, and the high voltage will damage the monitor. The high electrostatic voltage will never damage our monitor.

Test methods: contact or air discharge are both acceptable. Isolate the DUT from ground-plate.

We apply the discharge of 2kv/4kv/5kv/6kv/8kv to every point that the user may touch when operating our monitor. After test, our monitor still work well, no damage at all. IP69K Waterproof and Dust-proof Test.

Fork-lifts Vision Solutions Fork-lifts Lifting and positioning pallets heights requires precision work. A small mistake can cause damage to the pallet or racking. With an VEISE camera monitor system, every pillar and horizontal beam in the warehouse can be clearly seen on the monitor ensuring full visibility. It also suits for the narrow aisle trucks, Reach trucks and narrow aisle forklifts in the factories, large supermarkets, and so on. Camera Monitor System Free Operating Voltage DC11-32V for Fork-lifts, Warehouse Trucks, Side Loaders. 5 inches Digital Screen TFT Monitor OSD MENU Separately Set Each Camera Mirror/Normal image, Reversing Image Delay, Priority of Reverse Camera and Automatic Switch Display Mode. Reversing Camera Built in IR LED's Water resistance:IP68.

Package: One 5 Monitor+ Two Side View Camera+ One 15 Meters Cable+ One 10 Meters Cable+ Accessories. Side View Camera Monitor System with Digital Screen. Aluminum Shell Waterproof IR Color CCD Side Camera(MODEL:DF-80532). Image Type: 1/3 SHARP COLOR CCD.

NTSC:976(H)×494(V) PAL:976(H)x582(V). Usable Illumination : 0Lux (Built in 10pcs IR LED's for Picture Support in the Dark). Power supply:DC12V from Reversing Monitor. Dimensions: 55(L) x 63(W) x 74(H)mm. 5 inches Digital TFT LCD Color Monitor (Model:SP-527).

5 Digital TFT LCD Color Monitor with Removable Sun Visor. OSD MENU Separately Set Each Camera Trigger Priority. OSD MENU Separately Set Each Camera Reversing Image Delay Time 0-30.

OSD MENU Separately Set Each Camera Mirror/Normal image. Manual and Automatic Switch Display Mode. Display Resolution: 640(H) X 3RGB X 480(V) dot. Accepts up to 2 Cameras Video Inputs:1.0Vp-p75. Wide view angle(CR>10):(up/ down): 45/65 (left/right): 65/65.

Operating temperature: -20 to +70. Storage temperature: -30 to +80. Red cable: Positive (11-32V) /Green cable: Reverse Gear Input (11-32V)/ Black: Ground. External dimensions:LWT(150X118X23)mm (without mounting). Monitor bracket, 15m cable, Electrical connecting cable, Auto cigarette lighter adapter. 5 High Resolution Monitor with Digital Screen. Color CCD IR Side View Camera with Four Pin Screw Wateproof Connector, Connected Tightly, Never Loose. 15 meters' cable with 4 pin screw waterproof cable. Install the bracket on the monitor. Connect the split cable to the monitor as following. After connect well, connect the two Reverse signal cable CAM1 and CAM2 to the same reverse power of your car. Then install the monitor in a proper position in your cab. First, install the bracket of the camera. Then install the camera behind your car. You need to make a hole to fix the camera, and make another hole to let the cable get through.

Install the camera well, and now connect the cables. Connect the camera and extension cable as following. There are two cameras in the package. Connect one camera with the 15meters extension cable, then connect the extension cable to the connector of CAM1 (in yellow). Connect the other one with the other 15meters extension cable, then connect the extension cable to the connector of CAM2 (in red).

Last, connect the cigarette lighter adapter to the DC connector, and insert it to the car cigarette lighter. If have questions on how to install the system, please contact me!

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5monitor Reversing Camera System Rear View Kit For Excavator, Rv, Mining, Boat

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