Genuine Audi Universal Traffic Recorder / Dash Cam (UTR) Front Kit Q7 & A8

Genuine Audi Universal Traffic Recorder / Dash Cam (UTR) Front Kit Q7 & A8

Genuine Audi Universal Traffic Recorder / Dash Cam (UTR) Front Kit Q7 & A8

The UTR has high-quality lenses to record video in 1080p clarity and covers a 150 degree angle, giving an almost complete view of a vehicles surroundings when installed at the front and rear of the car. Videos are recorded onto the units internal SD card, and can also be accessed through an iOS or Android app, which adds parking location and event functions. Lens: 1080p at 60fps = clarity and smooth picture viewing. Fish eye records 150 degree angle = viewing angle to see the front wheel area. Codec: Detects yellow, white & black colour = picks up number plates more clearly.

Hard wired to vehicle = Non visible driving position, and speed taken from CAN (more accurate than GPS). Fixed & tethered to windscreen = Crash tested, doesn't become shrapnel in the vehicle. GPS - Downloads your map location (and photos) upon parking (Multistory). Radar - Records close incidents & people walking up to the vehicle. G shock - Plays audible alarm once limit exceeded. Security LED - Reassures occupants, warns people outside of the vehicle. Voice Recorder (toggable) - Added in car safety, audible alarms on events recorded while not in the car. Recording starts after the engine is turned on and ends after it is turned off.

Equipped with a ring buffer, meaning that when the storage is full, the oldest data is deleted to make space for new data recording(this also pertains to the other modes). Data is stored on an SD card and will not be overwritten by Event or Parking Mode. When acceleration sensor exceeds its threshold, it immediately begins recording the relevant data. Sensitivity of the acceleration sensor is adjustable by the customer via the Audi UTR app. Separate files are saved with a pre-defined length.

Data is stored on an SD card and will not be overwritten by Standard or Parking Mode. Record mode will be activated once the engine is turned off.

System remains in stand-by mode until motion is detected by the radar sensor, then recording starts. Sensitivity of the radar sensor is adjustable by the customer via the app. More than 72 hours of stand-by time is possible. Data is stored on an SD card and will not be overwritten by Standard or Event Mode.

The Audi UTR app featured a user-friendly and intuitive interface, specifically designed for the Universal Traffic Recorder (UTR) and is available free of charge. Its capabilities include live viewing, data management, a car finder function and being able to adjust the recorder's settings.

The seamless connection between the UTR and the smartphone occurs via a recorder-internal Wi-Fi hotspot. Users have the choice to access data from an SD card and use internal smartphone storage. All functions of the recorder can be controlled by the UTR app. The different features of the app are described as below.

Live View - Live images of both front & rear camera allow the customer to adjust them to the most suitable recording position. Video Gallery - Enable customers to watch recorded data directly from the SD card or the internal smartphone storage. The export of the data from the SD card to the smartphone is possible here.

Car Finder - When the engine is turned off, the location-based information is saved via GPS together with the date, time and the latest pictures of both recorderes, to make it even easier for the customer to find their parked car. Settings - Enable the configuration and control of the recorder. Allows the user to switch between the different modes and to adjust the acceleration and impact sensor as well as enable other functions. Menu - All functions of the UTR app require a Wi-Fi connection between the UTR and smartphone.

Users will be notified based on events which have been detected by the radar and acceleration sensor. A running engine is requires. It is not possible from far distances. Suitable for the following Audi models.

Q5 2013 - 2017 (8r). For the above models, specific wiring looms and instructions will be supplied. The camera's can also be fitted to other Audi models, however specific wiring looms and instructions are not available.

One of the other looms can be used but may require modification. Remarks: Radar function in park mode, not in combination with equipment: insulated glass (do not use with PR numbers: 4GB, 4GG, 4GK, 4GL, 4GM, 4GN, 4GR, 4GY). Contents: 1 front camera, 1 basic wiring kit, 1 adhesive film for black area, 1 operating instructions, 5 cable ties, 3 foam grommets. Please check compatibility before ordering. Please supply reg and/or VIN when ordering, in order for us to supply the correct kit. Huntingdon Audi - Part of the Vindis group. The item "Genuine Audi Universal Traffic Recorder / Dash Cam (UTR) Front Kit Q7 & A8" is in sale since Monday, September 4, 2017. This item is in the category "Vehicle Parts & Accessories\In-Car Technology, GPS & Security\Dash Cams, Alarms & Security\Dash Cams". The seller is "huntingdonaudi" and is located in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.
Genuine Audi Universal Traffic Recorder / Dash Cam (UTR) Front Kit Q7 & A8

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