SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera

SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera

SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera. SIONYX Aurora Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera - black (Dual Use). Recoil-tested to 4,000 rounds of.

Firearm mountable utilizing a Picatinny rail mount. Daytime, Twilight, and Night Modes.

Capture video and stills in near dark, moonless, and starlight conditions. 1 type CMOS sensor with large pixels for low-light imaging.

720p video and 0.9MP still photos. An adjustable iris switches between f/5.6, f/2.0, and f/1.4 depending on available light.

View, control, and share using the Aurora app and your iOS/Android smartphone. Selectable frame rates of 7.5, 15, 24, 30, and 60 fps. Time-lapse, image stabilization, digital zoom, and shutter functions.

Focus peaking function and manual focus ring. EVF with color and monochrome settings, adjustable diopter. Shoot up to two hours on a single charge of the included battery. The SIONYX Aurora PRO is our flagship full color digital night vision optic. The Pro is our latest development with both new sensor technology and enhanced optics giving the viewer the most advanced digital night vision capabilities. The Pro performs best in the darkest conditions. It's designed with extreme environments in mind and has all of the great recording and streaming functionality as the rest of the Aurora line. The Aurora Pro is a top choice for law enforcement agencies across the globe and has been leveraged for both surveillance and evidence gathering. If you're looking for the best in color night vision, that can see further into the darkness spectrum, the Aurora Pro is the night vision camera for you. In some situations, there may be no residual light at all. In that case you can use the supplied 940nm infrared illuminator (IR-glow invisible). This also increases your viewing distance. The IR Illuminator can be switched on and off manually if the situation requires it. You will also receive all kinds of smaller accessories, such as a 32GB microSD card, two batteries with charger and a mount and battery for the IR Illuminator. You can safely and easily take the set with you in the waterproof transport case. This camera offers, among other things, GPS and an electronic compass, to easily determine your position and provide recordings with a'geo-tag'.

You can also determine the distance and location to other (selected) users. Furthermore, the camera is equipped with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) and there are various recording options for taking photos and videos. What are the main differences between the 3 night vision cameras?

Our current night vision camera line-up includes (1) Aurora Sport (2) Aurora and (3) Aurora Pro. The Aurora Sport (white) is our entry level night vision camera. This camera has the same optical lens and night vision sensor as the Aurora (black), but this camera does not include GPS, is not weapons-rated and does not have loop mode. The Aurora is currently our flagship product that offers all of our features.

The night vision camera has also been weapons-rated and tested on an M4 rifle for 4,000 rounds. Both the Aurora Sport and the Aurora perform in near moonless starlight without the use of any IR illuminator. The Aurora Pro is the next-generation night vision camera. This camera, although similar in form factor, has a brand new opitc and low-light CMOS sensor that is rated at more than 2x low-light the performance.

Pro will also come with a 32GB SD card and be able to support up to 256GB and also come with 2 batteries, instead of 1. Pro is currently available for pre-order. Is the SIONYX weapon and recoil rated for certain calibers? The Aurora and Aurora PRO are both weapons-rated.

The Aurora and Aurora PRO have been tested on an M4 A5-15 style rifle platform with. 223/5.56 caliber at 4,000 rounds. You can mount SIONYX cameras with a Picatinny rail mount using the 1/4-20 standard mount to nearly any firearm, with the exception of shotguns and air rifles. The Aurora Sport is not rated for any type for weapon use.

Can I pair my SIONYX with an optic setup? Yes, you can mount your SIONYX with an existing optic setup. When pairing with an optic, you can either place the SIONYX in front of the optic or behind, depending on your personal preference. The camera will sit at 1.5 off the rail with our Picatinny rail mount.

We've found that many of our users prefer to pair the SIONYX with a 1x or 3x scope, mounting the SIONYX in front of the scope. The SIONYX night vision sensor and optics provide long range visibility as far as the eye can see. Pair it with a 3x magnifier to extend your capability. Pair it with your scope/red dot optic or mount it to your helmet for hands-free use. Pair it with an InfraRed laser aiming device for a more dynamic experience.

All SIONYX night vision devices are IP67-rated for water-resistance. Our devices are built to thrive in water saturated environments.

SIONYX Aurora Camera vs GoPro. The video opens in a new window. 24 Stunden mit SIONYX Aurora. Nachtsicht-Kamera Test mit 4 Kameras.

F/1.4 - f/5.6. 1 x microSD/HC/XC (32 GB Maximum). 1280 x 720p at 7.5/15/24/30/60 fps MOV via H. 264/AVC 480 x 360p at 7.5/15/24/30/60 fps MOV via H.

Burst Shooting HDR Landscape Night Panorama Portrait Time-Lapse Movie. 1 x USB Micro-B Charging. 1 x USB Micro-B Download. USB: 1280 x 720p at 24/30/60 fps 480 x 360p at 24/30/60 fps. Rechargeable Battery Pack Max Runtime: 2 Hours per Charge Battery Charge Time: 2 hours.

14 to 104°F / -10 to 40°C Humidity: 90%. 2 Years; SIONYX registration necessary. 7.3 x 4 x 4. 1x SiOnyx Aurora PRO Full-color night vision camera. 2x Rechargeable 18650 Battery for IR.

1x Battery charger for 18650 Battery. 2x Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for Aurora PRO. 1x Battery charger for Li-ion Batteries.

1x Micro SD card (32GB). 1x Micro SD card adapter. 1x Product and safety instructions. More Items from this Category. LUNA OPTICS LN-G3-M50 Digital Day and Night Vis..

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This guarantee is subject to German law, excluding the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) of April 11, 1980. Place of performance for the obligations under this guarantee is Bad Schwalbach, Germany.

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SIONYX Aurora Pro Explorer Kit Water-Resistant Night Vision Camera

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